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BOX HUT is an urban treasure hunt involving puzzle solving, mystery and the hunt for the 'Elusive Medusa'.  It is a hybrid of Letterboxing,  a pastime which plays a key role in the narrative of 'BOX.

BOX HUNT is taking place in Manchester from July 5th 2019 and it's free to play!  Any donations towards the 'BOX crowd funder, however, would be gratefully received.  


The rules are simple...

  • Follow 'BOX on social media to receive clues

  • Find the 13 Micro-boxes and collect the 'Elusive Medusa' lettered stamps

  • Solve the puzzle

  • Share your findings on social media #boxshortfilm

  • Await instructions

  • Claim your prize


For further information, click here to follow the BOX HUNT event on Facebook

Join the adventure...

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