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Rebecca trained in Choreography and Theatre Design and gained a BA (Hons) from The University of Birmingham. She began experimenting with film after establishing professional dance company, EKLECTIKA – DANCE BY DESIGN. The company created site-specific installation and performance which combined electronic music, dance, and film. Work gained sponsorship, funding and support from various organisations including the Arts Council England and the BBC. EKLECTIKA eventually became [EK!], and Rebecca’s focus moved further towards film and art installation, with an emphasis on low budget, hands-on, experimental fare. For several years, she made work which was exhibited across the North West of England, and also curated exhibitions around the city of Manchester.

In 2016 she made her first short film, THE MOORMAN. Inspired by her experiences travelling around Europe in a campervan for a year, the film is set in Dartmoor, a place of great spiritual importance to her. After moving back indoors, Rebecca went on to make TENTACLES, the acclaimed music video for Manchester band DEAD SEA APES. Conceived, produced, lensed, and edited by Rebecca herself, the official video was released online as part of the album launch. 

When she’s not developing her own film projects, Rebecca produces artwork and urban installations under her successful [EK!] banner, and seeks Art Department roles on other independent productions. Previous credits in this area include ENDS MEAT for PickAxe Films and ANOTHER LIFE for Wingarm Films. Likely to be found clambering across moorland on her rare days off.

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Having spent an embarrassment of years serving on the industry frontline as a video store clerk with screenwriter aspirations (as all video store clerks did back then), Kris eventually found a more useful outlet for his passions working as a Writer and Editor for the long-running UK film/TV magazine, STARBURST.

Always remaining focused on an eventual career in film, Kris went on to secure Script Editor duties on a number of movie projects, and reached the final stage of the BBC’s yearly Writersroom initiative for new screenwriters. The recently released ENDS MEAT marks his first produced screenplay, with several more scripts currently in various stages of development.

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Helen earned her First Class BA Honours in Film & TV Production from The Manchester Film School, where she trained in single camera drama. As a multi award-winning indie filmmaker, she is noted for consistently delivering work of high production value, strong performances, and gripping plots.

Her macabre WWII short DELICACY (2014) won the ROYAL TELEVISION SOCIETY North West's Best Student Drama that same year, and took Best Cinematography at THE US HOLLYWOOD INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. It then went on to tour the UK and US festival circuit, achieving five more awards and nine nominations, being recognised for direction, performance, and art & design. Her follow-up film, the gritty genre thriller ENDS MEAT, has just premiered on the 2018 festival circuit, with further screenings to be announced.

With a passion for narrative, Helen is currently developing her first feature screenplay, as well as beginning pre-production on an anthology project that will see her reunite with several former collaborators.

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Sam has followed a pattern of indulging his passion for music - studying Music and Philosophy at Birmingham University, followed by a PhD in Composition.  He then spent over a decade working as a Radio & Music Producer for the BBC - a period which included nominations for Sony Awards - before he began working as a freelance Radio and Music Producer. He is Senior Producer at Woodwork Music where he works with award-winning composers to create exciting bespoke work for projects within the film, televisual and advertising industries. He also likes beer.

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Manchester based Producer of underground Techno and Electronic music. Founder of MCMLXV and JS record labels. Purveyor of the physical format. Mood Magician.

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